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Letting Go of Stress with the Help of a Stuffed Animal

Stress has become an unavoidable part of modern life, and we’re all probably guilty of letting it get the best of us from time to time. But there are plenty of ways to relieve stress in healthy and productive ways, even when you feel like you’re reaching your breaking point. One under-appreciated method? Letting go with the help of a stuffed animal. Here are some surprising ways that having a teddy bear or other stuffed animal around can help ease your anxiety and stress during stressful times.

Get yourself an Anxiety Panda

In Japan, many people suffering from stress disorders (as well as kids with separation anxiety) carry small fob charms in their pockets. The fobs typically feature popular Japanese characters that are kawaii or cute. These kawaii objects are believed to provide comfort, reduce anxiety and increase happiness. For example, Gudetama is an adorable cartoon character that portrays a lazy egg. Other cute characters include: Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Doraemon and many others. If you’re ever in a kawaii store, ask an employee to show you their collection of fob charms; they might be able to recommend something specifically designed for stress relief!

A comfy place to sleep

If you’re like me, nothing helps you forget your troubles better than having your own little slice of paradise. And according to one recent study, taking care of yourself is even more important if you want to keep your mind right. Looking after yourself and practicing mindfulness (being aware, but not judging) actually decreases anxiety symptoms in those with posttraumatic stress disorder. The researchers found that people who reported being mindful were less likely to have their PTSD relapse and had significantly lower anxiety levels overall. The key takeaway: If your body is tired and stressed out from caring for others, it’s important that you take some time for yourself — don’t let others drain you! So cuddle up in bed with a kawaii plush toy—it’s just one step toward self-care.

Playing with others

When you’re feeling stressed, it’s easy to feel like you should just keep everything bottled up. But, letting go can be good for your mental health; after all, what goes on in your mind is an extension of how you treat yourself. So, if you can embrace getting rid of stress (even just for short periods of time), it can help change how you view yourself. When that happens, let go—you deserve it! And with our collection of cute and comfy teddy bears at My Heart Teddy’s online shop, there are tons of ways to make letting go easier. For example: one small stuffed animal might seem pretty inconsequential in your life—but sometimes little things make big changes.

They can help you when you don’t know what to do

Kao Megura, who works for a Kawaii store in Japan, says that her stuffed animal always helps her when she’s stressed. When she’s feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to do next, Kao looks at her teddy bear to help calm down. He is so cute and always manages to get me back on track, she said. It may sound silly but I find comfort in his smiley face and soft fur.

Share your anxiety panda on social media!

For many of us, being aware that we’re stressed is not enough to help us release it. My Heart Teddy can be your faithful companion during times when you feel most stressed. If you suffer from anxiety, then Kawaii store in New York City will treat you to a personalized panda! Let their stores’ three-foot-tall panda embrace your worries and hug them away. This is one solution you won’t want to reject—and one that may make better sense than popping Prozac every day!

Other benefits

Letting go of stress in cute, cuddly ways is nothing new. All around Japan, people give stuffed animals cold shoulder by buying them off vending machines (complete with dolls who just need their button to be pressed for you to hear it whisper) and outfitting them with metal kendo swords so they can fight against one another as people cheer on their favorites. If that sounds like your cup of tea, consider some Kawaii plush toys to help you handle daily stress. The above links are affiliate ones; if you want similar plushies from Kawaii Merchandise that I personally endorse, check out My Heart Teddy and YanyanCat Toys! To win at life and relieve stress with an incredibly cute addition to your life.

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