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How to Schedule Instagram Stories | 4 Efficient Ways

How to schedule Buy Instagram followers or Stories easily? This article will introduce 4 efficient ways to help you out, plus a bonus tip to boost your Instagram Stories. Creating Instagram Stories can be time-consuming, especially if you’ve got a high frequency of posting. That’s why you might want to schedule Instagram Stories to optimize your workflow and boost efficiency.

Scheduling Instagram Stories also allows you to make better content with high quality and keep your content consistent as well as publish your well-prepared Stories at the best times to get the highest engagement possible.

4 Ways to Schedule Instagram Stories 2022

Now you might be wondering: Can you schedule Instagram Stories? The answer is positive. This article will introduce the best ones and you can learn how to schedule Instagram Stories easily. Just keep reading!

Four Tools to Schedule Instagram Stories

Unfortunately, you can’t schedule Instagram Stories with the app itself. However, today you can find many Instagram post schedulers that allow you to schedule Instagram Stories. Here we’ve handpicked 4 powerful tools to help you schedule Instagram Stories with ease! best site to buy instagram followers 

1. Facebook Meta Business Suite

Facebook Meta Business Suite is a handy social media management tool that allows you to manage all your activities in one place. With Business Suite, you can schedule Instagram Stories easily. However, the Story editing features on Business Suite are rather basic compared to the Instagram app. You are only allowed to crop your image, and add text and stickers with this free Instagram scheduler.

  • Schedule Instagram Stories with Facebook Meta Business Suite
  • Now let’s see how to schedule Instagram Stories with Facebook Meta Business Suite.

2. Sked Social

Sked Social is a professional Instagram Story scheduler specializing in Instagram Storie’s scheduling and automatic posting. With Sked Social, you can have advanced features like scheduling Instagram Stories with a “swipe-up” link, person/product/location tagging, and more. Compatible with iOS and Android, Sked Social allows you to schedule Instagram Stories on the go.

  • Schedule Instagram Stories with Sked Social
  • On the main dashboard. Click on the “Story Post” and choose an account to post Instagram Stories.
  • Click on the Blue Plus(+) button to add images/videos. You can edit your media with a built-in editor here. Add captions, hashtags, and URLs. You can tag users, locations, and products as well.
  • Click on “Schedule for” to schedule Instagram Stories for a desired time and date.


3. Later

The leading social management tool, Later, is also a great Instagram story scheduler. With Later, you can use the Storyboard feature to schedule Instagram Stories visually. The only downside is that Later is not equipped with an editor to help you edit photos/videos, but you can add simple filters, CTA, and swipe-up links to your Instagram Stories. Later will send you a notification when it’s time to post.

  • Schedule Instagram Stories with a Later
  • Here’s how to schedule Instagram Stories with Later.
  • Upload your media to the library. Drag and drop the media to Storyboard.
  • Add links and captions to your Instagram Stories.
  • Choose a preferred time and date from the drop-down menu next to the “Save Story” button to schedule Instagram Stories.

4. Storrito

Sorrento is an easy-to-use Instagram story scheduler that allows you to schedule Instagram Stories from your desktop computer. With Sorrento, you can add useful stickers(link stickers, hashtags, user mentions, quiz stickers, etc.), customize the Instagram font style, swipe-up links, Emojis, and many more to make appealing Instagram Stories. You can also auto-post with no notifications required. get more followers on instagram

Schedule Instagram Stories with Sorrento

Now let’s see how to schedule Instagram Stories with Sorrento.

  • Step 1. Open the dashboard. Go to Schedule > New Empty Story.
  • Step 2. Draft your Instagram Stories with features like Stickers, Images, Texts, GiFs, and more.
  • Step 3. Click on the “Save + Schedule” to schedule Instagram Stories easily.

Extra Tips: Best App to Boost Instagram Stories

As you can see, with the Instagram Stories schedulers, you can not only schedule Instagram Stories with ease but also boost your Instagram Stories with multiple advanced features. Want to go a bit further and skyrocket your engagements on Instagram Stories? Try GetInsita, the best IG Stories booster app that allows you to grow Instagram from all aspects for free. Just have a look at the main features below.

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The Bottom Line

So of the 4 efficient ways introduced earlier, which one is the best to schedule Instagram Stories? Based on user reviews, Storrito comes off as the best one because it offers multiple advanced features that can help you better edit, schedule, and auto-post Instagram Stories. But you can always try the other 3 schedulers as you see fit.

GetInsita is also highly suggested as a booster to make your Stories visible to more audiences. Use this app to get free Instagram followers and likes and boost your Instagram Stories with ease!

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