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How to dominate the first page of Google and increase your business

In order to get new customers and increase your customer base, you’ll have to get the word out about your business. One of the best ways to do that? Rank on the first page of Google. But it can be tough to get there when you’re starting from scratch, especially if your competitors are already established businesses with long track records of success. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to rank on Google’s first page quickly—and we’ve got them all here in this guide on how to dominate the first page of Google and increase your business.

The importance of having an SEO strategy

If you don’t have an SEO strategy, it can be tough to keep track of how your company is doing. There are a number of companies that do SEO for small businesses, but you might want to consider having one in-house. Just like any other employee, it’s crucial that you set specific goals for him or her, and make sure that they understand what those goals are from day one. You want them producing content on a regular basis with relevant keywords; if you aren’t confident about how to do that yourself then hiring a professional who knows what he or she is doing is probably going to be a good idea.

Create relevant content for your customers

The most important aspect of search engine optimization is content creation. Having relevant information on your website will generate quality backlinks, get you more visitors and boost sales. Digital Nomads HQ has an excellent team that creates engaging content for their audience (such as How to become a digital nomad: Tips for getting started, among others). Their SEO team also uses SEO optimized plugins such as Yoast SEO which provides valuable information to ensure they create content that is optimized according to search engines’ algorithms. This strategy not only helps with driving new customers but also attracting new writers! If you’d like more information about how we can help you improve your online presence check out our online marketing services or contact us via email!

Create pages around these keywords

Digital Nomads HQ, SEO Melbourne, Australia; Interview with Mosh Digital – Seo Strategy’s: Making The Most Of What You Have For Seo Success. The targeted keywords will be SEO Melbourne and SEO for Australia. Make sure you create about 4-5 pages for these variations of search terms so that you can spread across multiple TLDs (top level domains) in order to prevent duplicate content from appearing within search engines results.

Optimize these pages

Your unique value proposition: What problem will your product solve? You must be different. Don’t copy others or you can’t succeed. Nobody wants a cheap knockoff or something that’s been done before. How is it better? Why should people choose you instead of another solution? Make sure that they know exactly what they are going to get when they choose you, especially how it stands out from its competition. (Tip: Cut through all clutter – make sure everything on your website is there for a reason.) Be specific about who would use it and how their lives would be improved by using it, not just how much money they’ll save or make with it.

Promote your content

Think about where you are going to share, who you are going to share with and what you want that person to do once they have read it. This step could take a lifetime. Content is valuable for any company for three reasons:

  • It can be used as a resource on your own website (long term)
  • It can be used on other websites (short term)
  • It attracts customers looking for what you offer.

Always remember: You are in content creation business. Not marketing or advertising or branding. Just content creation. As long as people click on it, they will find their way back to your brand or website in one way or another.

Keep track of everything you’ve done

Now, here’s a useful tip: keep track of what you’ve written in a spreadsheet or just write it all down on a piece of paper. You could use an Excel sheet where you can create lists with relevant tags, too. There are two reasons why doing that is worth your time: Firstly, because you don’t have to think about it anymore once it’s there – so it saves you time. Secondly, by writing down everything in one place (and maybe even adding some commentary) you can save up on creative juices that would otherwise be spent on remembering things.

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