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How to Build a Better Marriage: Tips and Secrets for a Successful Relationship

If you’re in a relationship, chances are you’re probably in it for the long-haul. You and your partner are making plans to grow old together and you envision that this will be the person you wake up next to every day until your final days on earth. The importance of maintaining your relationship with your significant other cannot be stressed enough; so many people are getting divorced these days because they simply don’t know how to make their relationships work anymore.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Just because your friends think you’re capable of building a better marriage doesn’t mean you are. Sure, it sounds easy enough; all you have to do is try. But in reality, building a better marriage takes effort. It isn’t something that will happen overnight or even over three months—it can take years to get where you want if both people aren’t committed. The key is holding yourself accountable on a regular basis. If there are things in your relationship that need work, write them down and come up with ways to improve them (together). For example, if one of your goals was being more loving toward one another during conflict, come up with specific behaviors or words that would accomplish that goal.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say I Love You

While love isn’t exactly measurable, most experts agree that there are certain things you can do to strengthen your relationship. Complimenting your partner on her looks or other qualities is always appreciated. But she probably already knows that you like her – be specific. One of our favorite ways to complement our spouse at gurulex.com is by paying attention to what she likes (or once liked). If your wife loves hockey, then take her out for an evening of ice skating; if she used to be into poetry, buy some poetry books for him. Paying attention makes a real difference when it comes building happy relationships.

Stay Organized

It’s easy to understand how being organized can be helpful in other areas of your life, but it’s harder to see how having a good system at home can help with your marriage. Having an efficient house—one that you don’t dread coming home to—will give you more free time. That free time can lead to greater intimacy, better communication and (maybe) even happier kids. It all starts with being organized!

The Little Things Really Do Matter

Building rapport with your spouse is one of those little things that really matters. How you interact with each other every day can make all the difference in how well your marriage fares, so it’s important to know how you can develop stronger personal relationships. First, you have to understand exactly what makes them tick—and what ticks them off. More than anything, people want to be heard—so don’t talk at them, talk with them instead. Really listen when they express an opinion or tell you something about themselves; these are great opportunities for you both open up your hearts and minds, get closer as individuals and learn more about each other.

Sex Isn’t Always about Physical Intimacy

It is important to remember that marriage is about companionship, friendship, love, affection, trust, security and support. A successful marriage has all of these things present in one form or another. Sex is only one facet of an overall healthy marriage. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t important but simply that there should be other factors present as well. It can be difficult if you are married but not having sex. There are tips to help you overcome your problems with sexual intimacy in your marriage even if they seem impossible at first glance.

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