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How The NDIS Helps With Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome is a condition that may cause difficulties for people. However, with the right resources, you can significantly improve your lifestyle. With disability support in Melbourne, such as Personalised Support Services make ways for you to have a better life. With their assistance and help, you can achieve newer and greater things.

What Is The NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) assists individuals with their physical adversities. People who find it difficult to perform tasks and understand that they may have a permanent adversity  can be qualified for the program. The NDIS helps the citizens of Australia to lead better lives through their recognised platforms. They give importance to these people in order to make them feel at ease. The NDIS cares for their participants and is determined to provide them with the best help.

The NDIS assists individuals of different backgrounds and types. Some of the conditions they improve and manage are Down Syndrome. They understand an individual’s struggles and experiences and set up the right environment where they can grow and improve. Their expertise and experience will ensure that the individual feels safe and secure within their program.

What Is Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome- also known as trisomy 21- is a disability condition in which an individual is born with an identical copy of chromosome 21. Average people are born with 46 chromosomes. Having this significantly impacts a person’s mental and physical capability. Down Syndrome is easy to identify as it also alters the physical appearance of the child. Some of the traits include:

  • Almond shaped eyes that slant high
  • Small ears
  • Small hands and feet
  • Short height
  • Short neck

And more.

This is a particular condition that the NDIS takes notice of. The NDIS has created several opportunities where people with this condition can receive expert help from. With the proper support and resources, people with this condition can have the assistance they deserve.

How Does The NDIS Help With Down Syndrome?

Those with down syndrome may not be automatically eligible for the NDIS. Those above seven years old can enrol in the program and use the resources for their management. The NDIS requests evidence and certain documents to ensure that your condition makes it hard for you to perform daily tasks and typically react in life. For this, the NDIS investigates your condition and prepares to ensure that you are fully eligible for the program.

When you are accepted into the program, the NDIS provides you the chance to talk with professional coordinators and planners to set up your NDIS plan. This will help you get the right assistance needed for your management process. In order to ensure that you get great support, the NDIS will need to ensure that you are comfortable with the activities and sessions listed in your plan. Interviewing and assessments will be initiated for the best results.

With this, the NDIS provides you with sufficient funding for three basic support budgets:

  • Core Supports
  • Capacity Building Supports
  • Capital Supports

PSS Is Here To Help!

Your comfort is their top priority! Personalised Support Services, your disability support in Melbourne, are here to help you with your troubles and problems. With an expert team, they are determined to serve people of different backgrounds and types. They are fully equipped and experienced to help you out with your problems. As credible NDIS providers, Personalised Support Services are eager to make your life easier. They offer you a wide range of services which include:


  • Core Support
  • Household Tasks
  • Group Activities
  • Innovative Community Participation
  • Support Coordination
  • Supported Accommodation

If you want to find out how to achieve household and domestic help in your home, go to their website or contact them.

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