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Asus 2-in-1 Q535

Asus 2-in-1 Q535 – Detailed Review Specs and Price!

We’re always searching for new gadgets that can perform double duty. Therefore, when searching for a laptop people want one that is capable of multitasking in various environments, including school, work, and play. But, finding portable computers isn’t always easy, or even required. It is possible to use the Q535 from Asus as a tablet, laptop as well as a desktop PC. Certain laptops, though not as efficient and top-quality as other laptops are made for specific jobs, such as processing pictures or video.

In this section there is an Asus 2 in 1 Q535UD. Its small size makes it a perfect versatile workspace as well as a general-purpose tool. Let’s dive into its specifications and features to get a thorough evaluation.

There aren’t many laptops that have the top-of-the-line components required to play, like an enormous amount of memory, a robust graphic card, high definition LCD and a high-quality microphone and other such things. Therefore, you can find laptops with the above specs, but they are specifically designed for gaming.

In any event we’ll look into an Asus laptop that is intended to serve dual functions (gaming and work). This is the laptop that we’ll be looking at.

What Is Asus 2-in-1 Q535?

It’s the latest convertible laptop. The Q535 comes with an 13.3-inch screen and it has an Intel Core i7 CPU, as well as up 16GB of RAM and operates Windows 10. It can be used as a laptop, or tablet due to its solid-state drive of 512GB. So, what are specifications of the Asus Q535? The screen dimension that comes with the Q535 is 13.3 inches. This makes it ideal for all online activities regardless of whether it’s entertaining or for serious work.

Lightweight and powerful convertible laptop from Asus: the Q353.

Its 15.6-inch 4.K Ultra HD Touchscreen makes it an impressive component of the hardware. The 2-in-1 q535 laptop from Asus comes with an Core i7 CPU and up 16GB of RAM. The Asus laptop also has two Terabytes of solid-state drive (SSD) storage and the capacity of 256 gigabytes of flash storage. It’s an extremely powerful laptop that can transform to a tablet when needed. If you are looking for a laptop to perform graphically intensive tasks like design or gaming it, the specially designed NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphic card can help.

From its strong hinges, to its high-definition display, it surpassed our expectations. However, we did notice some areas of improvement. We were pleased with our experience and we’d recommend anyone who is looking for a laptop that is powerful and convertible.

What is the speed of the Q535, which is Asus’ 2-in-1 model, and how well is it performing?

In the realm of handheld devices Asus is always a reliable choice. This is why expectations for the company’s Q535 2-in-1 were very high. There are lower-cost machines available, but I’m curious whether you can notice a improvement in performance when you use this model.

It is running Windows 10, to begin with. This instantly provides it with an advantage over other laptops available. There aren’t many laptops that have the Intel Core i5 processor from the 8th generation, however this one has. For those who frequently utilize their laptops for business or for entertainment may be able to benefit from this.

What’s great about the convertible Asus Q535 laptop?

It’s an convertible laptop that has tablet capabilities. It can use in range of scenarios due because of its touch screen and rotating hinge. Also, it has a 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i5 CPU.

They’re suitable for Windows 10 and Windows 11. It comes with a USB-C port and therefore, it can serve as an office computer. It’s a worthwhile purchase because it’s NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 card comes with 4GB of VRAM that is upgradeable.

Asus’s Design

The 2-in-1 Q535 from Asus is a powerful, lightweight notebook. Its slim, elegant form is easy to take along. The laptop’s portability makes easy to take it wherever you travel.

This 15.6-inch display is perfect to watch movies or work on your projects. The Q535 features an integrated trackpad and keyboard to allow ease of typing and control of cursors.

The in-house monitor of Asus

The display was specifically designed to give you a great visual experience. Its 15.6-inch screen is perfect to use for both entertainment and work because of Windows 10 as the Windows 10 operating system. The 8th generation Intel Core i5 CPU also makes it possible to do fast as well as efficient tasks.

The latest Intel Core 8th-generation from Asus is the i7-8550U quad-core processor.

This Asus 2-in-1 Q535 processor is an extremely powerful quad-core 8th Generation Intel Core processor i7-8550U that can take care of the most demanding tasks. Additionally, it comes with a powerful Nvidia GeForce MX130 graphics processor integrated into. The Processor also comes with an illuminated keyboard as well as an Thunderbolt 3 connector.

Battery Performance and Runtime of the Asus Q535 Convertible

In terms of battery performance, the Q535 excels. This Q535 has a laptop that comes with an extremely prolonged battery lives. The battery’s endurance is 12-hours, which allows it to be utilized continuously throughout the entire day without having to recharged.

So it is clear that the Q535 is a great option for those who must be mobile during their job. It has the ability to quickly charge and recharge the battery to up to 80% in just 30 minutes.

However, opinions regarding that Asus 2 in 1 Q535 are divided. It’s loved by some , but opposed by other people. But, the battery’s life span is a matter that all parties are on the same page.

Asus’s Q535 Dual-Port Reversible USB Hub

The laptop comes with a choice possibilities for connecting to the internet. You can connect it via the HDMI connection, 3.5mm audio socket, USB 3.0 port or SD card reader as well as USB 3.1 Type-C port. Laptops can be charged via the USB Type C port, which can support data transfer speeds up to 10Gbps.

This USB 3.0 port permits the connecting of high-speed peripherals such like external drives as well as printers that can run five times the speed. Its HDMI port lets it connect to a larger monitor or screen (TV or monitor).

An 3.5-millimeter audio port permits the connection of headphones or speakers from an external source. It is an SD card reader can read SD cards with multimedia content like music, movies, as well as photographs.

It’s a great computer that is reliable for those looking for a laptop which doubles as tablet.

The laptop computer comes with an 15.6-inch touchscreen and the Intel Core i7 CPU. The other features include 16GB of RAM as well as an 1TB HDD/SSD. On a single charge the device should last as long as 12 hours of use.


PROCESSOR Intel 8th I7-8565U 1.8 Ghz 8GB Cache
Graphic Processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Ram 16GB
DISPLAY A 15.6-Inch Ultra-High Definition (UHD) Touch Screen With IPS Technology Gives It A Wide Viewing Angle
Display Resolution 3840 X 2160 Pixels
Display Touchscreen Yes
BATTERY Longer Battery Life, Up To 12 Hours
Weight 3.2 Pounds
Price $1,499.00 (Amazon)
Keyboard Backlit Keyboard
Lithium Battery Energy Content 40 Watt-Hours
Operating System Windows 10

Different Characteristics

In addition to the above capabilities, the Q535 can also be upgraded to Windows 10 to Windows 11 at the discretion of the user. The trackpad and keyboard are both included as well. The majority of tasks can be accomplished with just the trackpad and keyboard, removing the requirement for a second mouse. Based on the trackpad, you will not feel any discomfort or fatigue around your fingers even after long-term usage. The battery, however, can only last three to 4 hours. This isn’t enough for frequent travelers.

While we ignore its fact it could be used in any way that is most comfortable for you, it is important to be aware of the hinge.


  • Ports in a Matrix.
  • Assumedly Good Display.
  • Superbly Constructed.
  • Minimalist Style.
  • Strong Joint.
  • Excellent Touch Pad.
  • Keyboard Design That’s Easy on the Fingers.


  • Standard Air Conditioning Unit.
  • The Battery Doesn’t Hold a Charge.
  • Unusual Numpad.
  • The Absence of Dust-Proofing.


What range of price do you think the cost of an Asus Q535 convertible laptop?

The Asus Q535 is a convertible laptop for $1499.

When it is used as tablet the laptop is stripped features, including its “2-in-1” designations.

There are two reasons to use this device, hence its name “2-in-1.” In the first instance, the laptop’s robust hardware allows it to be used for both leisure and work activities. If it is preferred then the laptop can be transformed into one.

Are you able to use your finger for navigation on your way around Asus 2 in 1 display?

The screen of the laptop from Asus is foldable to the side 180 degrees. It also comes with touchscreen. It also comes with a security mechanism that is based on the individual’s facial mapping data to open the device.

How long will your laptop’s battery run in general?

After charging, it will remain on standby for up to 10 hours. It can be used for a one-hour standby duration, while being actively utilized to play games.

Could you provide me with information about the resolution of the laptop’s screen as well as its dimensions?

The top resolution of the screen is 3840 x 2160. The screen measures 15.6 inches long.


In the end it’s the top laptop that money can buy for those who require a multi-functional machine that won’t cost the budget. It’s a great value for the price and is suitable for both leisure and work because of its multi-purpose 2-in-1 design. The Q535 by Asus should be on your top options for an affordable laptop. If you’re in search of the cheapest replacement for your laptop one that can be used for multiple purposes, then a multi-purpose laptop is the best option.

In terms of speed, portability, efficiency as well as battery endurance, Asus 2-in-1 Q535 is frequently thought as one of the top available. Our sincere endorsement. If the cost can be cut sales should rise. With its easy networking and charging options it’s the top choice among contemporary electronic fans. We know there’s a variety of opinions on this laptop, with individuals who strongly support it, while others strongly opposed to it. We all hope you find our buying guide and review for this amazing laptop both informative and enjoyable.

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